Amatörler Gecesi – Amateur Night (2016)

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Amatörler Gecesi – Amateur Night (2016)

Guy Carter is an award-winning graduate student of architecture. He’s got a beautiful wife and a baby on the way. The problem? He doesn’t have “his ducks in a row,” which only fuels his doubts about being a good father. Guy has been trying to find work in his field for a year with no luck. At wit’s end, his wife Anne finds him a job as a ‘driver’ on Craigslist. Guy shows up for the interview thinking he’ll be delivering pizzas, but quickly realizes it’s a job driving prostitutes. With money too scarce to turn down, he goes for it- which is where he meets Nikki, the tough-as-nails, unapologetic sex worker, and her two hilarious and foul-mouthed cohorts, Jaxi and Fallon. As reluctant driver and protector Guy is thrust into a world of rockin’ women and feeble men. Over the course of one wild and sordid night, and several ‘come-to-Jesus’ moments, Guy proves to Nikki, and himself, that he does have what it takes to be the responsible father his family deserves. iyi seyirler diler.

Tür: 720p, Komedi, Türkçe Altyazı, Yabancı Filmler

Yapım: 2016, Amerika

IMDB Puanı:

Yönetmen: Joe Syracuse, Lisa Addario

Senaryo: Joe Syracuse, Lisa Addario

Görüntü Yönetmeni: Nicole Hirsch Whitaker

Müzik: The Newton Brothers

Oyuncular: Adrian Voo, Ashley Tisdale, Avi Nash, Bria L. Murphy, Cedric Yarbrough, David J. Phillips, Eric Siegel, Janet Montgomery, Jason Biggs, Jenny Mollen, Rigo Obezo, Robert Hoffman, Russell Steinberg, Rusty Joiner, Steven Weber

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